Ben Brooks writing about the topic of “smartphone addiction”:

Too much is getting blamed on smartphones — that people are addicted to the phone. Which isn’t actually true. People are addicted to Social Networks/Media — yes. But the phones, no.

I couldn’t agree more. People do all kinds of bullshit, like grayscaling their screens, turning off all notifications and using dumbphones from 1977. These are cheap and stupid lifehacky ways to not being honest with yourself and getting away from the real question: what are you really addicted to?

As I wrote before:

Well, I don’t want to pop the productivity bubble of blocking stuff, but what helps is deleting your account from Facebook. The same applies to phone addiction: you have to remove those time-wasting apps from your devices and then be mindful of how you’re using your phone. Turning on an accessibility setting then complaining about colored app icons that make us addictive to stuff is just stupid. Addiction is a way bigger problem than that. You have to acknowledge that your phone is just a tool and it’s your responsibility what you’re using it for.