I'm trying out a new display setting in iOS to use in evenings. There have been a couple blog posts lately talking about grayscaling your screen, which should help with phone addiction. For me, it looks like just another productivity fad, but having a gray screen could help relax my eyes at night a bit more (using in conjunction with Night Shift).

I’ve added Color Filters setting to my Accessibility menu so it’s a quick toggle in Control Center. I can easily turn on when I want to use it. This’ll make the following gray home screen which is nice for reading in the dark.

But don’t believe it will help you deal with your phone addiction. If you think it does, then I assure you it’s just another placebo effect like when people are blocking Facebook in their browser, because they think it will help them using it less.

Well, I don’t want to pop the productivity bubble of blocking stuff, but what helps is deleting your account from Facebook. The same applies to phone addiction: you have to remove those time-wasting apps from your devices and then be mindful of how you’re using your phone. Turning on an accessibility setting then complaining about colored app icons that make us addictive to stuff is just stupid. Addiction is a way bigger problem than that. You have to acknowledge that your phone is just a tool and it’s your responsibility what you’re using it for.