Web Development On An iPad

However, you can combine an iPad with a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to have access to the best of both worlds. In essence, a VPS is a remote computer where you have full access to an Linux system. You can install all the web development tools you normally use on your laptop or desktop. Then you use your iPad to SSH into your VPS, giving you full access to your remote system through the terminal.

After using my iPad Pro with a remote VPS to develop Rails apps for more than a year now, I can safely say that it’s totally doable and even cool to use this thin and light device as a Rubist (or for other type of web development work). It works the best when you setup a remote server with mosh and Blink. You can even switch over to another device like an iMac and continue from there thanks to tmux. Here’s a detailed guide how to do all of that.