I always run into Mac utilities that are trying to patch a missing feature of macOS. Some of these are helpful tools but there are ones that are completely unnecessary since macOS provides a way to replicate them by default. The problem is that sometimes these features are hidden or require a bit of automation via Automator. I’m going to start a series here to share these tips, so you don’t have to clutter up your menubar (and waste system resources) for pointless utilities.

Toggle dark mode via keyboard

  1. Open Automator and create a new Quick Action.
  2. Set “Workflow receives” to “no input” in the top of the window. Also make sure it’s set to “any application”.
  3. Search for “Change System Appearance” action on the left and drag it into the right side of the window. Automator now should look something like this.
  4. Save it as “Toggle Dark Mode” or “Change System Appearance”.
  5. Go to System Preferences/Keyboard/Shortcuts and choose Services on the left.
  6. Find your newly created service in the list, then assign a keyboard shortcut to it.
  7. You can now toggle dark mode via the keyboard shortcut you’ve picked in any app.

Show hidden files in Finder

You can just open any Finder window, press ⌘⇧. (Command+Shift+dot) to show or hide hidden files without installing anything special.