Ladies and gentlemen, let me show you how the web, one of our most important invention works in 2018.

I’ve wanted to read an article on Forbes… looks simple right? Well, no. It’s 2018, so when I use these so-called “news sites” I have to go through an IQ test first to access content.

  1. I’ve opened this article and received nothing. As an experienced user I know it must be because of my content blocker is activated in Safari. Forbes is full of so much shit that you just get an empty page with a content blocker turned on since it can’t process the level of shitness (is there a word like that?).
  2. I’ve long-tapped on the refresh button and tapped on “Reload without Content Blockers”. Because I’m an EU citizen I required to know how my ass being tracked. So, I’ve got one of these new fancy GDPR chooser thingies, where I have to set the level of ass tracking. I’ve chosen just required cookies. I’ve tapped Submit.
  3. Now I have this. It looks like a nice gift wrapped in paper. Maybe this is a package of those cookies that I always accept but never receive…

So let’s see where I am currently. I’ve learned that my content blocker and Forbes doesn’t like each other. My ass is being tracked, but just on the required level. I have a nice gift of cookies (maybe… I haven’t opened that thing, it can a bomb too, you know).

But I still can’t reach that fucking article about… ehm… what was it about?