I have a couple of apps installed on my iPhone/iPad and some of my favorites are updated constantly. I care about those tools, so I like to read their release notes to see what new features are added. My problem is that is these release notes usually get lost in the annoying river of “Bugfixes and updates”, “We constantly update…” crap and long novels that Medium does on the Updates tab. Luckily there’s a way to quickly check out an app’s release notes in the App Store with a combination of Opener and 3D Touch.

  1. Install Opener and add activate its action extension in the share sheet.
  2. 3D Touch on the app icon, and press “Share (App Name)”.
  3. Tap Opener and choose “View App (in the App Store)”.

Opener will load the app’s App Store page where you can check out its release notes.

Here it is in action: