There used to be a lot of video podcasts back in 2010 (yes, you can create video podcasts too). Then suddenly a lot of that content disappeared and/or moved to YouTube. Everybody says that one of the best things about podcasting is that it's a completely independent medium, so I'm not sure why video people are so obsessed with YouTube, but that's a topic for another talk…

Anyway, since the podcasting format is a way better method to follow my favorite channels than the YouTube app, I started to dig around on the web to find a way to subscribe YouTube channels in iTunes or the Podcasts app (or in any podcast app). After a couple of minutes, I've found Podsync which helps me do just that. I can paste the link of a YouTube channel into Podsync, then instantly get a URL of a podcast feed which I can subscribe too in my podcast app of choice (no Overcast support at the moment, because it doesn't support video podcasts).

Why do I want to do that?

  1. Google can't track me from a podcast client.
  2. No ads (although I should support my favorite channels on Patreon or something).
  3. Every video player is better than the YouTube website/app. iTunes and Podcasts have picture-in-picture built-in, which is awesome.
  4. Since Podcasts downloads every new episode by default, I can follow my favorite channels even in offline mode.
  5. No related videos are being shown while I watch an episode, which may help to reduce my hours watching YouTube.
  6. Every multimedia content I follow is in one app now.

I love this way of getting new content from YouTube. I even became a monthly Patreon supporter of Podsync—it's just $1—which has some nice added bonus features like audio–only channels. If you're following a lot of channels on YouTube, but don't like the iOS app, you should take a look at Podsync.