Brent Simmons on why is different than

But if you think of the years 1995-2005, you remember when the web was our social network: blogs, comments on blogs, feed readers, and services such as Flickr, Technorati, and BlogBridge to glue things together. Those were great years — but then a few tragedies happened: Google Reader came out, and then, almost worse, it went away. Worse still was the rise of Twitter and Facebook, when we decided it would be okay to give up ownership and let just a couple companies own our communication.

Yes, it's pretty much sums up the last decade of the web. I want to get back the ownership of my content, that's why I'm posting from my blog nowadays and syndicate elsewhere. On the top of that, is a pretty great network with a lot of interesting people. As Jack Baty wrote:

I need to say it again… I love It feels like something new and it’s pretty great. Sign up. Post stuff. Interact. Own your shit.