Panic has announced the “suspending” of Transmit for iOS:

My optimistic take: we hope that as iOS matures, and more and more pro users begin to seriously consider the iPad as a legitimate part of their daily work routines, Transmit iOS can one day return and triumph like it does on the Mac.

Getting enough revenue from an app that you’ve developed is hard, but as a user of every Panic software on macOS and iOS, I’m angry. I’ve already made my comment regarding this change, so I’m not going to repeat it, just quote:

I know iOS is hard, but why not charge more or add subscription or something? This is not the first time you guys complaining about developing iOS apps, but I’ve never seen any new business model tried from Panic, so can’t really feel sorry yet. Paid up front and thats it. I mean there is Omni Group, they’ve transformed every Omni app to “try for free then pay a reasonable price” model last year. They also delivering reasonable upgrades constantly. On the other hand Coda for iOS still missing a lot of basic features, like Open in Place support and a simple Quick Open. And don’t get me started on the “still in the works, but it’s coming in the next 100 years” version of Coda for Mac or Panic Sync which is still buggy and way more annoying than the old iCloud Sync, which you’ve dumped…

Transmit on the other hand works fine, I use it daily, but sunsetting an app which I rely on that much is just annoying. Coda’s file management isn’t the same. For example there is no share extension which I use a lot, especially with Workflow. So instead of complaining about iOS app business models all the time, you guys should put more effort into developing iOS. I’m a customer, I’m using and loving all of Panic’s products. I would even pay for the Panic Creative Cloud monthly, but apps needs to be kept updated with new APIs and usable features know from the desktop, not treating them like “baby software” as Steve said.