Ben Brooks on social media:

And that’s what makes the end of 2017 stand out so much to me, because it was during this time where I read article after article about how negative social media as a whole is for people. That’s general people, meaning all of us. Social networks are not good, and have not been designed to be good for you. Sure, you could cherry pick arguments all day long, but there’s simply not been a compelling case made for these networks being good.

I haven’t really tweeted much for months now, and I have no desire getting back on Twitter. It’s big, crowded, full of annoying people and hate. And I don’t want to be a part of that. I’m not deleting my account as I did with Facebook, because I know a couple of people from the early days of Twitter and sometimes I receive DMs from them. But, I won’t be on it, I even deleted Twitter from my iPad and my iPhone back in October.

I was an initial Kickstarter backer for, but haven’t paid much attention to the service since then. As you can see I’m moving my stuff over to this blog — this is why I’m posting this much today — which is mine and I can use to share my content to a new community which at the moment feels like Twitter back 10 years ago.