I’m giving Twitter another shot. I’ve scrolled through my timeline and unfollowed a bunch of accounts that doesn’t interests me anymore. I miss discovering small things that doesn’t reach me via RSS, like new iOS app betas, interesting links etc. But I’m also trying to be more aware when I’m using the service. Here are my rules:

  • Posts, links and statuses will be still posted to Decoding then cross posted to Twitter via Micro.blog. I don’t want to change that since I like to own my content and I can also write longer stuff here than 280 characters. Also there are people who follow this blog via RSS.
  • I’ll reply and interact with people on Twitter as I did before — I don’t care that much about where threads and comments are made anyway.
  • I’m keeping Tweetbot on my iPhone and my iPad, but I’ll avoid using the official Twitter app. I don’t care about polls and ads, the timeline usability of that app is a piece of crap anyway.

So, I hope these rules will make Twitter fun again.