Icon nightmares

Then Apple screwed it up by starting to fetch random weird URLs on the website for its precious iOS icons. Then webmasters complained and so this linking standard started. Apple went overboard in supporting every single possible pixel-perfect resolution. Then Microsoft decided that was neat and added their own new incompatible formats for the stupid Start menu tiles no one uses anyway. And here we are.

Just finished adding “icons” for Decoding last week. Safari uses at least 3 type of icons on macOS and iOS together:

  1. one for pinned sites and web clips on your iOS home screen
  2. one for pinned tabs (which is an SVG by the way)
  3. and the usual favicon.ico.

And this is just Safari, I don’t have icons for Windows or any other browser for that matter. Somebody should really provide a better way to deal with all that crap.